Having studied Geography at degree level and being conscious of the challenges the world is facing today, building a sustainable brand was high on the mission statement for Majora. We are not there yet - our first shipment was done via air – but this is at the forefront of our thinking whilst creating high-quality Mojris, which is why our Mojris are made without using animal products.

We spoke to a number of Asian men about whether they would opt to wear Mojris, many of the responses were no because, “they don’t last”, “threw them away or lost them” and “chose not to buy another pair because the quality is poor”. We wanted to make Mojris for our customers which can be worn over and again but still felt as great as when they were first put on.

To make sure our Mojris last a long time, our products are made in a factory and adhere to industry best practices. It’s been six months since Majora launched and we have received positive feedback from customers who have worn our Mojris to multiple events.

Our goal is to establish a fully sustainable British Indian business that the Asian community worldwide can be proud of.

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