The History of Mojris

Originating under the Mughal Empire and inspired by Indian royalty over 400 years ago, the Mojri is a type of footwear common in the Indian subcontinent and neighbouring regions. Also known as a Khussa or Joot, Mojris are traditionally handcrafted from the finest leather, adorned with colourful gems, and intricately embroidered in real gold and silver thread creating a shoe befitting of Emperors and Kings.

Generally speaking, Mojris have no left or right distinction. They usually have a flat sole and are similar in design for women and men except for men’s having a sharp extended tip, the nokh, curved upwards. It is believed that this design was inspired by traditional Rajasthani handlebar moustaches.

Nowadays the once prestigious Mojris are rarely worn. Look on social media or the next wedding you go to, you will notice fewer men wearing them. Couture has allowed cultures all around the world to express themselves. Our external appearance has always been an expression of our cultural ideas, values, and traditions - footwear is no exception. Our purpose is to reignite the Mojri by creating pieces that pay tribute to Indian culture as well as blending them perfectly with contemporary interpretations in design. You can shop our first pieces designed here.

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