Majora's Designs

Well-crafted shoes should be the finishing touch to any outfit. Like a pair of classic Oxfords or Brogues complement a tailored formal suit, it is only fitting for a regal sherwani or kurta to be partnered with equally majestic Mojris. Nevertheless it’s easy to understand why so many men today choose not to. There probably isn’t another shoe that needed to be rethought and brought into the 21st century more than Mojris.

To begin with, we took the Mojri right back to the drawing board. It was important to drastically improve comfort whilst still paying homage to its Mughal and Indian heritage. First we added a midsole, the type you find in sports shoes, to make walking and the occasional jig easy on your feet. Secondly, we discarded the smooth thin cork soles and added a more practical sturdy sole with grip. This further cushions your feet and provides stability when walking.

We then pondered on shape and materials. For our Contemporaries we followed the blueprint of a Loafer, which is a popular shoe in India. We chose a luxurious velvet exterior as it’s one of the few fabrics that is pleasant to touch yet holds rich vibrant Indian colours in its own unique manner.

Our Classics were designed with the traditional Mojri in mind. It’s easy to make a comfortable shoe but it can be tricky to make them aesthetic too so we included some of the design features from our Contemporaries on our Classics. We also replaced older unfriendly features like metal Zardozi embroidery with pure silk threads.

Currently there isn’t much choice for men’s traditional footwear but we hope to change this. You told us your issues with Mojris, we toiled until we found a solution and now we are proud to bring you Majora.
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