Majora is an independent, male-owned British business founded by Chand Patel. Transparency is a core principle of Majora. Environmental and moral ethics are important here. We want our customers to have peace of mind when they shop with us.


Our manufacturers are located in India and China. They both specialise in making shoes. This means we were able to apply the same standards of quality and sturdiness you’d expect from your everyday shoes and trainers to our Mojaris. 

We've ensured both our manufacturers share our high standards regarding ethical business conduct. Our products are designed in England and produced to the exact specification by our trusted teams in India and China. Our suppliers use safe, fair labour practices and are committed to the internationally recognised human rights. 


We do not use any materials from animals. Instead, we opted to use man made materials for our products. Our Classic Mojaris are made from synthetic leather and are Contemporary Mojaris are made from various material which are animal free.  We do not test on or involve animals in our processes in anyway.

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